Mar 222015

I’ve been a bit lax in keeping my Blog up to date recently, so here is an update:



Turn-off Pocket Pistol by Abbey of Long Sutton

I bought a pair of percussion turnoff pistols at the Birmingham Arms Fair because they looked pretty and in need of a bit of TLC, I also got a box that fitted them as pairs were sometimes boxed.  When I got home I found I had a barrel key that fitted, but couldn’t unscrew the barrels easily so sprayed Plus-Gas around and left it for a day or so. Still couldn’t get them off so thought I’d better apply some heat, but in an uncharacteristically sensible moment I thought to check that they were not loaded.  One was – I could see the lead ball.  The Plus Gas prevented the powder from going off, so I drilled out the ball and poured out the damp powder which fizzed when lit – so the gun had been loaded since it was last used – probably in the mid 1800s – some  160 years ago!

See the finished boxed set…….

29/6/2015 – I’ve just finished boxing up the pair of pistols – I realised that they had the name on the left side and the address on the right – opposite to the normal convention, so they are in fact by Abbey ( no initial) of Long Sutton in Lincolnshire not far from King’s Lynn.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product – the box is an old cutlery box that I put a nice burr veneer quartered on the top – the pistols have been repaired, including making a very fiddly sear spring and inserting a bit into the butt and chequering it.  The tools are contemporary but not original to the pistols.

box lid small

134-boxed set-small


  4 Responses to “Abbey Cased Pair”

  1. Hello Tim!

    I have small collection of travelling pistols, i have 35 pistol at the moment from all of the world uk, french, us, spain, italy, etc. Also powder horns etc
    Also i try clean them and make them nice. If you want i can send some pictures.
    Question do you want to sale this boxed pair of pistols:? It is interesting for me!


    • Hi Gabor, I’m sorry that they are already sold. Your collection sounds interesting, I would like to see Spanish and Italian pistol photos.

  2. Hello!

    My name is Gabor Szabo, from Hungary , I am collector.

    It was a nice to met your work. I like your style correct restoration.
    Your work and thinking about how to touch and restorate guns it is an art of keeping things in authentic conditions,

    Best Regard Gabor Szabo

    • Hi Gabor,
      Glad to know that you enjoy my blog, and to hear from collectors in other countries.
      Do you collect anything in particular?

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