Gun Dates


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1640 Maker’s names first appear on guns
1656 English Civil War begins
1689 First order for muskets to Birmingham gunmakers – Sir Richard Newdigate
1722 French double gun barrels soldered together – previously separate
1730 False breech in use
1750 Change from full to half stock began
1760 Convex lock profile disappearing – later locks flat except military!
1763 Earliest silver mounted pistol by Twigg  (probably some were earlier)
1765 Barrels soldered together – adopted in England by William Bailes
1769 Drop shot invented by William Watts
1770 Gold poinson and inlaid breech lines introduced
1770 Inlaid spider foresight ( Bass, Twigg etc in the 1770s)
1770 Interceptor Scear by Twigg (prevents discharge at half cock – shortlived )
1770 Link between mainspring & tumbler introduced
1770 Mined black (Brandon) flints began to replace field flints
1770 Second pattern acorn finial
1771 Link on Frizzen until about 1775 (Twigg)
1775 Flat top chequering starts to appear
1775 Mahogany gun cases begin to replace oak
1775 Roller on frizzen, later on frizzen spring
1775 Patent No 1095 Enclosed lock pistol – H Nock, Jover & Green
1775 Shell carving on stock behind tang (Twigg and others).
1775 Sliding safety introduced – later dropped from fowling pieces
1777 Locks fitted with hook and single screw
1778 Half stocked single barrel guns replace full stock
1779 Naval gunpowder found wanting –Congreve Machine invented
1780 Barrel bolt escucheons appear
1783 Semi-rainproof pan in use.
1784 Pineapple finial introduced
1787 Patent breech invented by Henry Nock
1790 Many gunmakers introduced numbering around 1790, most don’t start from zero!
1792 Trigger spring – Joseph Manton’s first patent No.
1792 Joseph Manton Patent 1865 -Hammer & improved stepped breech
1795 Parsons – barrel straightness checked with string – 1798 by shadows
1800 Rainproof pan in use
1801 John Manton introduced labels in his cases – others followed
1805 John Manton introduced Platina (Platinum) for touch holes, bands etc.
1806 Joseph Manton Patent 2966- Raised rib on double guns – major improvement
1807 Percussion ignition Patent No. 3032 granted to Forsyth
1812 Durs Egg patent 3599 improvements to lock – spring gravity safety etc
1812 Joseph Manton Paternt 3558 – Gravitational stop – soon dropped for shotguns
1815 John Manton introduced ‘V’ shaped flintlock pan
1816 Joseph Manton Pellet lock patent 3086– shortlived – mostly converted to caplock
1817 John Manton patented ‘V’ shaped pan
1817 Joseph Manton Improved pan Patent 4116 – not a success!
1818 Joseph Manton’s Tubelock Patent 4285 – found to be in breach of Forsyth’s patent
1818 True Damascus introduced from Leige
1821 Forsyth’s patent on percussion expired
1821 John Manton patent No 4577 for vertical sear
1820 Copper percussion cap invented, inventor uncertain
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