Muzzle Loading Association of Great Britain  – MLAGB –

Anglian Muzzle Loaders – meet at Cambridge Gun Club

E J Blackley and Son – castings and kits for antique guns –

Henry Krank – everything for muzzle loading shooters –

Peter Dyson & son – more bits for antique guns –

Woolen Baize suppliers (for guncases)

Ladbrook & Langdon  – gunsmith & barrel

Cambridge Gun Club – where Anglia Muzzle Loaders meet

Sam Alfredo – Graver Sharpening

Optical Magnifiers

Ball Moulds and patches etc by James Turner – excellent value

R.E & G.B. Way  – Sporting  booksellers                                                          

Two useful resources: –

Books that I find useful in no particular order   ( the books listed in italics are those I refer to most often) ;-

Books with Authors in Bold are those I refer to most.   I’m lucky in that I inherited a library of around 70 gun books but I have had to buy many more to get comprehensive coverage and there are still areas that I’m weak on. Unfortunately many of the best books are difficult to come by and therefore expensive – they sometimes come up at auction at Holts, usually in lots with ‘gun picture books’.  Try G.E. Way at Burrough Green  01638 507217, a specialist in sporting books.

W Keith Neal & D H Back Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790 1975 Southerby Parker Bernet 
W Keith Neal & D H Back Great British Gunmakers 1640 – 1740 1975 Southerby Parker Bernet 
De Witt Bailey & Douglas A Nye English Gunmakers – Birmingham trade 1978 Arms&Armour
J F Hayward The Art of the gunmaker Vol1 1500 -1650 1975 Barrie & Rockcliff
J F Hayward The Art of the gunmaker Vol 2 1660 -1830 1963 Barrie & Rockcliff
W Keith Neal & D H Back The Mantons 1966 Herbert Jenkins
W Keith Neal & D H Back The Mantons Suplement 1978 The Compton Press
W Keith Neal & D H L Back Forsyth and Co Patent Gunmakers 1969 GH Bell & Sons
John S Cooper For Commonwealth and Crown 1993 Wilson hunt
George English Guns and Rifles 1947 Small Arms Technial Pub Co.
George English Pistols and Revolvers 1938 Samworth(US)
Howard L Blackmore British Military Firearms 1650 -1850 1961 Herbert Jenkins
Richard Akenhurst Game guns and Rifles 1969 Bell
Art Gogan Fighting Iron – a metals handbook for collectors 1999 Mowbray
Ray Riling The Powder Flask Book 1953 Bonanza (US)
Robert Held The Age of Firearms 1957 Cassells
Angier Firearm Bluing and Browning 1936 The Telegraph Press
Lewis Winart Early Percussion Firearms 1959 Spring Books
Lewis Winart Firearms Curiosa 1955 Riling
W W Greener The Gun and its Development 1881
Stonehenge The Shotgun and Sporting Rifle 1859 Routledge Warne and Routledge
P Hawker Shooting -Instructions to young Sportsmen 1816 – 1854 Longman et al.
J H Walsh The Modern Shotgun and Rifle 1882
Eric Griffith William Palmer- master Engraver 1737 -1812 197x private
 Chisnall and Davies ‘ British Carbines and Pistols of the Napoleonic Era 2014  Chisnall & Davis
Crudington and Baker The British Shotgun Vol 1 1850 – 1870 1979 Barrie & Jenkins
Crudington and Baker The British Shotgun Vol 2 1871 – 1890 1989 APP
William R Brockway Recreating the Double Barrel M L Shotgun 2003 Shumway
Taylerson, Andrew s & Frith The Revolver 1818 – 1865 1968 Herbert Jenkins
Taylerson The Revolver 1865 – 1888 1966 Herbert Jenkins
Taylerson The Revolver 1888 – 1914 1970 Barrie & jenkins
 Crudington & Baker The British Shotgun Vol 3  1891 – 2011 2011 Quiller
 W Keith Neal & D H Back  British Gunmakers Their Trade cards, Cases and Equipment 1760 – 1860 1980 Compton Press
 W Keith Neal & D H Back  British Gunmakers – Griffin and Tow and W Bailes  1740 – 1790 1989  Historical Firearms (2nd printing)
Ian Glendenning British Guns and Pistols 1640 to 1840 1951

Here are two invaluable Home Office guides to fiearms law etc…



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  1. Hi Tim,
    A useful link on French guns: little
    Stacks of really good photos and detail for a huge number of makers listed in alphabetical order as links. Has been useful to me on the restoration of an 18th century flintlock, even though the particular maker is not listed.

    • Thanks Rod, I’ll add it to links when I get a moment….

      • Apologies Tim,
        I grabbed the wrong part of the link and unwittingly added a space. Googling will get there. The site is similar to your own and is primarily French language but with English language translations included.

  2. I read the Optical Magnifiers. Nice content on magnifiers and i really enjoyed it.

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