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Back from a lovely weekend in St Andrews with Tom shooting at the rather grandly titled Scottish National Muzzle Loading Championships – actually mostly our crowd from the  Anglian Muzzle Loaders – we even have to take our own Scotsman – Tosh – to make sure they are represented!  Anyway a grand time was had by all, in beautiful weather.  Only slightly marred by my Land Cruiser diff lock mysteriously getting engaged and refusing to disengage, but a very helpful garage fixed it for the princely sum of 30 Scottish pounds.  Anyway here are a couple of photos – unfortunately I was too busy during the muzzle loading part before lunch to take any photos so these are all black powder breech loaders.   (I didn’t bring the results back – but the mostly prizes went to the usual suspects!)

Martin hammer flashcrop-small

Martin Crix shooting his Black Powder hammer gun


Clair Mills shooting in the Hammer Gun championship – bit late with the photo here!

Tom baker's flash1-small

Tom shooting my Playfair Baker’s Patent Black Powder bolt action 12 Bore


Shane shooting in the hammer gun competition – in case you are wondering how I managed to get the timing of the shots right, so am I!

I’m wondering how Shane managed to see through the peak of his cap?


 Me shooting the Baker – Tom didn’t manage to time it quite right!

And again in 2016 – just a good!

30th May 2016    Back from the Scottish National Muzzle Loading Championhips at Leuchars in Fife, where a great time was had by all.  Even the weather was kind to us, and the ‘Scotch Mist’ that looked as if it might dampen things dried up as we got under way with the hammer gun competitions – shot first in case it didn’t clear.  I scored about half way up, 9/20 and Tom managed 7/20 – not bad as this was the first time he had pulled a trigger since the same event last year – Martin Crix won with 14/20 – some of the targets were really testing!   Hammer doubles were similar with  me on 14/30 and Tom on 13/30  – Top was Clare Mills with 20/30. Percussion singles – Tom was shooting my Egg single (until  cock dropped off – Tom miraculously found the cock screw in the cartridge bin) then the left barrel of my Egg double and scored 6/20 & I hit 10/20 with the right barrel!  – it was won by Gareth Jones with  a very creditable 18/20.  The percussion doubles went very well for Tom – shooting my Samuel Nock double for the first time ( see post ) he scored 20/30 and was beaten only by Clare on 21/30!  In a shootoff with Martin and Tosh he was unfortunately beaten by both – but to get that score on his first outing in 12 months is not bad! ( I think he has only shot on half a dozen occasions in the last 5 years, and probably only a dozen in his life).  I managed 14/30 so overall Tom beat me by 1/100 – I have accordingly disinherited him, but given him the Samuel Nock as a consolation –  his (sole) inheritance..  Anyway, great fun was had by all 11 contestants, and we adjourned to the Guardbridge Inn  for a celebratory meal ( without alcohol!).  The shooting ground is a  fantastic venue – thank you to the organisers!


Tosh in the shootoff for second place in the doubles 2016

Tom shootoff 2016

Tom, Martin and Tosh shot for second – Marting got it, and Tosh 3rd place, so Tom was 4th – a brilliant result for someone who hadn’t touched a gun for 12 months!

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