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Here is a fairly typical Dublin duelling pistol of around 1780 to about 1795 (?), quite well made and now fully restored and looking very fine.

before restoration showing repaired cock
A little unusual in that the lock is fixed through the lock plate into the side of the false breech with one short screw and with a hook on the front end.
Another unusual feature is that the frizzen is connected to its spring with a link, not plain or a roller as was common later.
Nothing unusual here, nice bridle and very short link. The spring is not original, but that is common as springs often broke in use – this one is abit soft – I might try to get it more balanced with the frizzen spring., which is OK
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  1. What kind of screw driver is used for the screw attaching the hammer? I have seen these with a post (not a small screw) and slots on either side.

    Fascinating site. Sorry to hear of your Covid experience.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment. Most hammers are fixed with a male screw and use a ‘normal’screwdriver blade. Some are fixed with a male thread on the hammer – possibly a piece of threaded rod inserted in a tapped hole in the tumbler – these need a screwdriver blade with a notch in the middle to clear the threaded portion. In the first case the fixing is a screw, in the second its a nut. Tim

  2. My name is Kevin Hutchinson, looking on your wonderful site I saw the namesaked gun, wondered if there are any drawings, plans or information to make a replica of this beautiful pair of duellers. Some years ago I had just had my interview with Derbyshires cheif Constable to get a firearms cert, to make miniatures of weapons, old and newish. It was within days of that interview that michael what his face went beresk at Hungerford so that was the end of my chances for a F.A., cert. I am a retired time served toolroom engineer and with my wife having died fairly recently I wondered about restarting my (inert), miniature min replica hopes,

    thankyou and best regards Kevin Hutchinson

    • Dear kevin,
      Sorry to hear you recently lost your wife. I’m sure you have all the skill needed to make replica pistols. There may be plans out there but I’m not aware of any for flintlock pistols although there are some for long guns – a google search for ‘plans for flintlocks’ etc might yield something.. If you want to make pistols that you can shoot I suggest you join a club that shoots muzzle loading pistols if you are lucky enough to have one near you, and then get a commercial reproduction on your certificate. You could then make your pistol and get a registered firearms dealer/restorer to do the finishing touches to make it shootable and submit it for proof for you. The easy way is to make it an Inert reproduction as I have mentioned before (see making an Inert Pistol post). You can for example, make the breech solid and mill a slot under the barrel. As far as making is concerned, if you make a full sized pistol you can get sets of castings for most parts from E J Blackley, Peter Dyson or, from the US, Track of th eWolf. Or you could make the parts from solid. If you are ever this way, I would happily let you measure the Hutchinson parts and take photos for you. email me via my contacts email address if you do want to get in touch. Tim

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