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All information contained on this blog is given in good faith but is strictly the opinion of the author and carries no more authority than that.  Descriptions of work and processes are merely a record of what I have done and are not necessarily safe or suitable for others to copy.It is the responsibility of anyone looking at this blog to verify the information given on the site by reference to other sources.

Make sure you comply with the law – if you want to find out about UK gun law and storage see the two Home Office documents below;-



Making or converting firearms could get you a MANDATORY prison sentence so only do so after consulting the Home Office documents above and seeking expert advice if you are unsure of the interpretation..

Anything labelled as hazardous is only to be undertaken by those with suitable experience and at their own risk.

Antique firearms offered for sale here are the private property of the seller and are disposals from his private collection.

They are all antiques for display and collection only and as such are do not require shotgun or firearms certificates to possess unless otherwise stated in the description.

All dates and details are the opinion of the author and are are given in good faith but not guarenteed.  The buyer is responsible for verifying any such details.  Condition reports are based on my own judgement without the benefit of expert advice, and may be inaccurate.  Please ask for additional photographs if in doubt.

Under recent legislation there are restrictions on possessing antique firearms if you have received a custodial or suspended  prison sentence in the UK as follows:-   Sentence of under 3 months – 3 year ban on possessing antique firearms,  Sentence over 3 months – lifetime ban.  We will require a signed declaration from all buyers to the effect that they have not received a custodial or suspended sentence.

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