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Antique guns and assorted antique bits and pieces.


I’m reorganising my collection to concentrate on the kinds of guns that I’m most interested in – currently sporting guns pre 1860, and guns that I can have checked over and put into shooting condition for use on clays and game plus early revolvers – in fact pretty much anything!

I have a number of good, interesting guns and pistols in the condition that I acquired them from my father’s collection. Over the next year or so I am offering them for private sale as collector’s antique guns – please contact me if you are interested in anything in particular.

I have also added a few guns that Dick and I have done some work on but no longer have space in our collections for.

Among the guns that I am selling are the following:-

Please note, all these guns are Section 58 antiques that may be held without a firearms or shotgun certificate by persons who are not banned for previous convictions.  They are sold as antiques for possession as curios or part of a collection under section 58 with no other guarantee.  If you wish to shoot them it is your responsibility to establish their suitability and safety and ensure that you comply with the law.  None of the guns listed here are currently held on certificate. Purchasers will be asked to sign a declaration that they are not banned from possessing section 58 firearms.

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7 Bore Wildfowler by Lees  – a decent mid quality gun in mechanically sound condition with a repaired break across the wrist. £1100

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New Land Pattern officer’s carbine bore  (.65″)  pistol of around 1812 with flat bolted lock of Paget pattern with raised (waterproof) pan, 9 inch barrel and  and captive ramrod in very nice condition with the trigger guard very neatly engraved for the 1st Hussars of the King’s German Legion (KGL) – this model was known  in the Ordinance records as ‘the Dumpling’, presumably to distinguish it from the more usual 12 inch barrelled models.   The 1st Hussars were one of  the top cavalry regiments in British Army and fought in the Peninsular War in Portugal and Spain under Wellington against the French under Napoleon.  This pistol would have been issued around 1812 during the war with Napoleon and would have been carried at the battle of  Waterloo (1815), which effectively marked the end of the war with France.  The 1st Hussars were disbanded in 1816.  Most of the fighting by the Hussars would have been done with the sabre since firearms did not play a large part in cavalry tactics at that time, but they would normally have ridden into battle with a pair of pistols in holsters in front of the saddle. The Paget pattern bolted lock pistols seem to have been made in relatively small quantities  (The bolt was difficult to operate under battle conditions and was unpopular with the troops so was dropped fairly quickly and some even had the bolt removed and the slot filled in!) and it is rare to find one on a pistol so carefully engraved to such a well regarded regiment as the 1st, who were finally disbanded in 1816. The Paget lock featured most commonly on the Paget Carbine which was made in larger numbers than the pistol.  In remarkable condition for a military issue pistol that originally cost £2 .4s a pair.  Carefully cleaned and lightly restored –  a  fine and quite  piece of history in it’s original configuration and all as it should be – for sale at £2500.00   £1250 (a more realistic price)


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Heavy Dragoon Pistol of Carbine Bore ( .65″) with 9″ barrel by H Nock with flat lock engraved H Nock without any other markings so it was presumably issued to a private unit, possibly an estate force.  The trigger guard is engraved with a fine number 14  so it must have been a fairly formidable force!  It appears to have had relatively little use – the inside of the pan is still smooth and almost entirely uncorroded.  The pistol, of course, works having been through Dick’s hands, and the mainspring retains its original strength, which is substantial! This is a very decent example – the barrel has some corrosion marks as might be expected, but overall it’s a good opportunity to purchase a  classic piece of history that looks great  at £1200.

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SOLD  This Griffin Officers’s Pistol of 1760 or thereabouts is being sold by a friend who is rationalising his collection;  Many famous gunmakers  around the  middle of the 18th century made a more or less standard Officer’s pistol, since an officer was expected to purchase his own pair of pistols – and practicalities dictated that the bore used one of the standard ball sizes.   Griffin was a very well known maker of high class pistols and long guns – his normal output would have been elaborate silver mounted pistols, but the Officer’s pistols were usually more utilitarian, although still very well made, with brass or steel furniture in place of silver.  A top name on your pair of pistols would still have carried significant cachet, but probably to have had full silver mounts would have been considered a bit over the top, as well as being less practical.    Offers around £1400.00



See post GRIFFIN OFFICER’S PISTOL for more pics and details of the repair to the stock.




Cased pair of percussion turnoff pistols by Abbey of Long Sutton, Lincs in later case with contemporary tools and flask;

Collexction No 134 – price £675.00  – see Abbey cased pair post for more..

134-boxed set-small


The Parr duelling pistol/gentleman’s pistol (See PARR Restoration Post)   (T.O #140)     –  NOW SOLD




John Blanch percussion pocket pistol ( see Blanch restoration Post)  (CEO#33)   for sale at £220

restored fullview


Rare  LePage percussion pistol – superimposed load, highly etch decorated. – £2800


Smith and Wesson .32 rimfire revolver  (Obselete calibre).


T.Perrins of Worcester percussion ladies/youths fowler (this is the one in the T Perrins of Worcester’ post)      For sale £350



Blanks percussion fowler.

Micellaneous items for sale;


Pinfire hammers  – original, fine quality- all at £40 per pair;  (currently out on approval)

( 1006 & 1007  pairs can be sent on approval to approved customers for £6 p&p , non approved customers £80 deposit)

Payment via paypal or cheque preferred   – 1008 SOLD

pinfire-hammer 1006

about 2.0 inches from centre of tumbler shaft to contact point.


about 1.95 from centre to contact point








12 Gauge G & J.W.Hawksley centrefire crimper  Stock 1011   £20.00 + £5.00 

crimper hawksley 12g worn

With original finish, well used, the handle bearing is very loose and the leg of the clamp is a bit bent.



Stock No 1012   16 bore missing the case gripper   £5+ £5 p&p


Stock No 1013  20 bore   £10.00 + £5  p & p


Stock No 1014  16 bore  loose bearing and missing handle  £6.00 + £5  p & p

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  1. Hi….I’m interested in the Griffin pistol….would like more info and picts.

    Please email me

    Also am looking for a Barnett lock



  2. Hello
    I am interested in buying the T.Perrins of Worcester percussion ladies/youths fowler percussion gun thats For sale at £350, if you could get back to me asap that would be great, do you deliver to a home address? And is this an active antique in working order?


    Jack Fowler

    • I can send you more photos if you wish. I can post it to you at your address – I will get a price if you email me – see contact page for my email address – tim at the website address. It is a genuine antique of around mid 1800s. It is sold expressly as a curio and thus comes under section 58(2) of the Firearms act and therefore doesn’t need a certificate – I have not tried to shoot it – there is some corrosion on outside of the left barrel in mid length that discouraged me from trying. I therefore have not considered in detail whether it would hypothetically be shootable. Apart from that, it is otherwise in very good working order – the locks function crisply and and it looks good as described – it has been cleaned and restored as per the post. It is very unusual for a Thomas Perrins as the address is just visible as Worcester and he worked at Windsor – I believe this is the only T Perrins with a Worcester address.

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