Antique guns for sale


Antique guns and assorted antique bits and pieces.

I’m reorganising my collection to concentrate on the kinds of guns that I’m most interested in – currently sporting guns pre 1860, and guns that I can have checked over and put into shooting condition for use on clays and game plus early revolvers – in fact pretty much anything!

I have a number of good, interesting guns and pistols in the condition that I acquired them from my father’s collection. Over the next year or so I am offering them for private sale as collector’s antique guns – please contact me if you are interested in anything in particular.

I have also added a few guns that Dick and I have done some work on but no longer have space in our collections for.

Among the guns that I am selling are the following:-

Please note, the antique guns are Section 58 antiques that may be held without a firearms or shotgun certificate by persons who are not banned for previous convictions.  They are sold as antiques for possession as curios or ornaments under section 58 with no other guarantee.   Purchasers will be asked to sign a declaration that they are not banned from possessing section 58 firearms and that they are purchasing the firearms as curios or ornaments only.

Modern reproductions require the appropriate certificate and can only change hands in person. 




Pair of cased  Belgian percussion pistols signed Dandoy Liege on the barrels with engraved  back action locks and engraved brass furniture – one rifled approx 36 bore, one smoothbore 18 bore, barrel length 8 1/2 inches, in good restored & rebrowned condition with  refitted and relined case. One has some repaired damage to the stock, see below (the rifled one).  Possibly replacement horn tipped ramrods.  I acquired these some time ago in their present  condition but am not familiar with foreign antique firearms so cannot say much more about them – but the look of reasonable quality and the engraving is crisp – quite a handsome pair.

 Reference T.O. 113    SOLD#

Flask not included

Pair of cased 40 bore boxlock pocket pistols – Ref TO 151      SOLD

Small percussion pocket pistols with rounded plain ebony butts with blank heart shaped escutcheons and 40 bore turnoff barrels (one seized) in case with bullet mould and pistol flask. Scroll engraving (unsigned) – some wear and light pitting in places – action working.  Liege proofmarks and matching serial numbers 329 on boxlock.  Oak case with textured finish lined in red in the continental style with 2 lidded compartments, with brass pistol flask ( dents) and bullet mould  (pitted).  These pistols were obviously made as a pair, probably around 1840, the case is not contemporary.  For more photos see Post – Cased Pair of Pocket Pistols’



Rare  LePage percussion pistol – superimposed load, highly etch decorated. – £2800

Micellaneous items for sale;

Pinfire hammers  – original, fine quality- all at £40 per pair;  (currently out on approval)

( 1006 & 1007  pairs can be sent on approval to approved customers for £6 p&p , non approved customers £80 deposit)

Payment via paypal or cheque preferred   – 1008 SOLD

pinfire-hammer 1006

about 2.0 inches from centre of tumbler shaft to contact point.


about 1.95 from centre to contact point


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  8 Responses to “Antique guns for sale”

  1. Hi, You had a 16 bore double barrel pinfire shotgun for sale a while ago, do you still have one for sale? If yes ,,. how much ?

    Many thanks


  2. Can you reproduce a shotgun hammer for a Deutsche Waffen Fabrik ?

    • Hi Randy, I’m not familiar with that particular shotgun, but it is difficult to make hammers – I would say that the way to go is to make a wax model and get someone to cast it in steel, but I don’t know anyone who could reliably do it in a sensible time.

  3. Hello!

    Do you still on stock?
    Pair of cased 40 bore boxlock pocket pistols – Ref TO 151 for sale £550 plus £10 carriage in UK.

    This is interesting for me?

    Gabor Szabo

  4. need your price on Pinfire hammers #1006 &1007

    • Hi Brad,
      You can have them at £20 a pair including postage.
      I can send you a Paypal invoice to pay by card if you like.

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