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Antique guns and assorted antique bits and pieces.


Please note, the antique guns are Section 58 antiques that may be held without a firearms or shotgun certificate by persons who are not banned for previous convictions.  They are sold as antiques for possession as curios or ornaments under section 58 with no other guarantee.   Purchasers will be asked to sign a declaration that they are not banned from possessing section 58 firearms and that they are purchasing the firearms as curios or ornaments only.

Modern reproductions require the appropriate certificate and can only change hands in person. 




AS of November 2023 I’m clearing out some of my treasures that I’ve been saving for when I have more time!  Realisation has dawned that I have enough treasures stored up for  two lifetimes, and most of one has already passed and I’m not sure I’m due a second!  So here is a chance to get a few unusual bits and pieces;




BROWN BESS MUSKET LOCK –  This lock is in very good condition and is original – it is a post 1777 lock – probably an India Pattern Type 1 lock as far as I can tell – I’m not a Brown Bess expert!  ( two screws visible behind cock, flat extension to cock, stamped markings but not a ring cock.)  I think the cock is a replacement, but quite possibly a replacement in service – it doesn’t look like a modern casting to me (?).  I did wonder if the reason a lock in such good condition was separated from its musket was that it had been taken out for repair by the Armourer, a new cock fitted but never returned to the gun – the cock has the same 5 identification notches in it as the lock.  All the proper markings!   For Sale at £275 including UK p&p.


A Very Rare EAST INDIA COMPANY Wall or Rampart Gun lock ;- This massive lock is from a flintlock Wall or Rampart gun that was used by the EIC to defend forts in India.   These massive guns had a barrel length of 53 inches and a bore of  1 3/16 inches and a substantial conventional stock.  The lock is original and dated 1793 on the tail of the lock with an EIC crest and is signed MOORE on the lock. The cock has been replaced, probably during its service life (?), but I think is of the correct pattern for the lock – possibly the same comment applies re the replacement as for the Brown Bess lock above.  I bought this lock – at very considerable expense, to convert/reconvert a percussion EIC Wall gun I have to flint, but decided that it would be too difficult as the stock had been cut down to make it into a punt gun .  The lock is fully functional although there is a bit of corrosion on the lockplate as can be seen below.  These don’t come up often!   For sale at £ 650 including p&p in the UK.



A Reproduction Light Dragoon Lock;   This is a Light Drgoon type lock, corresponding to a 1794 pattern – flat lockplate and ring cock.  Its a fairly crude repro – probably made in India, but is functional for an inert pistol as an ornament,  not suitable for a working pistol!  The back of the lock hasn’t been filed off properly, but would clean up better with a bit of TLC.   Nevertheless with a bit of work it would make a nice project to produce  a pistol  – I can cut a stock blank in walnut at extra cost if you have a design.   If you make this up it must qualify as an inert pistol, otherwise it will need to be proofed and on a certificate!  Ask me if you have any problems with that.   For sale at £110.00 inc UK p&p.


Bits for Military Dragoon style pistol;  Here are a set of old bits to make up a pistol – the lock is by Henry Nock and is quite rusted but should clean up a bit.  The barrel is a very good original – of Carbine bore -.577inch and with a broad arrow stamp – its a genuine antique so you can make it up as a pukka Section 58 pistol with no problems.  A couple of the bits are broken so I’ve put in unfinished castings to replace them.  If you send me a template I’ll cut out a stock in Walnut for you ( £35 extra).   You’ll need to make the pins, screws etc.  For sale at £210.00 including UK p&p.



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  1. Hi Tim I came across you page and saw a repair you have done to a muzzle loading rifle or shotgun.
    You have re tapped the nipple.
    Would you be able to help? I have an old muzzleloader rifle that needs nipple retap.
    Where are you based?
    Thanks Luke

  2. Hi, You had a 16 bore double barrel pinfire shotgun for sale a while ago, do you still have one for sale? If yes ,,. how much ?

    Many thanks


  3. Can you reproduce a shotgun hammer for a Deutsche Waffen Fabrik ?

    • Hi Randy, I’m not familiar with that particular shotgun, but it is difficult to make hammers – I would say that the way to go is to make a wax model and get someone to cast it in steel, but I don’t know anyone who could reliably do it in a sensible time.

  4. Hello!

    Do you still on stock?
    Pair of cased 40 bore boxlock pocket pistols – Ref TO 151 for sale £550 plus £10 carriage in UK.

    This is interesting for me?

    Gabor Szabo

  5. need your price on Pinfire hammers #1006 &1007

    • Hi Brad,
      You can have them at £20 a pair including postage.
      I can send you a Paypal invoice to pay by card if you like.

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