Feb 102015

Here are a number of my practice plates – they represent most of the practice I have done – there are probably at most half a dozen very early ones that are too bad to contemplate!

testplate - lancaster3

Click below to see more practice plates……


testplate- Ben Mantontestplate-2012testplate- dullingham1




testplate- borderstestplate-lancaster2testplate-lancaster1


These are early gun engravings of the C17 – the Dafte engraving is about 1695.  The unsigned one is from a musket.

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  2 Responses to “Engraving practice plates”

  1. I own several P53 and sniders all ex military, is it possible to enhance or re-engrave lock plates where the original markings have been polished to the White.
    Thanks Dave!

    • Dear Dave,
      Thanks for your email.
      Without seeing them it is difficult to give a definite answer, but I would guess that it would not be a good idea.
      Most of the military markings by this date were stamped not engraved, so it wouldn’t look right if they were replaced by engraving, or obviously enhanced.
      It depends what outcome you are seeking and the condition of the gun:- it is unlikely to look authentic, and so probably won’t add value and may reduce it, but if you just fancy it then that is your choice. If the gun has little intrinsic value there is little to loose but engraving is not cheap!
      Technically the lock plate would need to be annealed before engraving, and then rehardened afterwards.
      I’m not a good person to do military style stuff as its not something I know much about, although I do have a 2 band and a 3 band ’53.
      Hope this helps – email me again if there is anything else I can suggest – send a pic or two… see contact tab.

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