Jan 082020

Here are photos of  ‘O’ gauge model railway bits that I am keen to pass on to good homes – they came from my 90 year old father-in-laws father, so probably before WWII.  The are not in particularly good condition and all have been modified early in their life.  Almost all the wagons and coaches appear to be home built, one or two commercial, some from kits? but some scratch built ?  Most of the locos wind up and run. There is an oval of track using what I would regard as 1/2 curves and full straights, plus a few quarter straights – I recognise the track as Hornby. I am keen to find out who made the locos.  These  trains were run on an outdoor layout that ran around a garden – the oval of track is barely big enough – there are enough coaches to make a train 15 ft long although it would have had to have most of the engines coupled to pull it!   There were around  a dozen coaches and 45 goods wagons plus the 7 engines!  I suspect that the locos are from a couple of different manufacturers as they take different sizes of keys – I don’t have original keys for any of them and the keys I do have (ex clocks) mostly don’t fit.

Loco No 1

Loco No 2

Loco No 3


Loco No 4

Loco No 5


Loco No 6

Loco No 7

Wagon parts etc – need axles, wheels from the box of bits!


there are half a dozen similar coached with different class configurations etc, and a number of scratch built LMS coaches.